Our two track approach ensures that your business plans and your personal wealth plans are coordinated.
It’s the smartest way to be sure you get what you want from both.


The 18 Value Drivers

After we review your 18 value drivers we will provide you with a CoreValue Discover Report that provides you with an initial Business Value Gap and a listing of the three largest value drivers that make up the gap.

AEG Solutions and Strategies solves an urgent issue that you now face or can go deeper to reveal a set of related activities needed to grow and create value. The average company is missing a fourth of its value, but most owners don’t know how big or where those value gaps are. We use an assessment called CoreValue Unlock to compare your company against the known 18 value market and operational drivers, 78 sub-drivers, and more than ten thousand companies. You’ll get a customized assessment of your potential value, specific value gaps, and “red flags” (issues that could compromise your ability to sell) and where your highest ROI growth opportunities are.

Better operating businesses generate more cash flow and higher margins and value.

You will have one of our AEG members as a point person to help you prioritize the specific tasks that will help you to capture unlocked value and grow your business.

As you and your team complete the tasks that unlock value – you will have a dashboard that will help you to monitor the increase in value in your business.

For a good exit or monetization event to occur three things must align:

  1. Your business must be ready
  2. You must be ready
  3. The market must be ready

AEG is a unique professional advisory model created specifically to integrate these three essential factors.

Exit Options include:

  • Full or partial sale to a private equity fund or other financial buyer,
  • Sale to a synergistic buyer
  • Management buyout
  • Transfer to family
  • Trigger of a buy/sell agreement
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Bankruptcy or wind down
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Gift


How much wealth do you need to fund your lifestyle and personal goals? We determine how much you need in each of 5 major categories that we call The 5 Buckets.

We run multiple scenarios using different sale prices of your business to determine how much you need to sell your business for to meet your personal goals. The results of this personal financial plan show the probability that you will be able to attain your goals.

Probability of Success in reaching your personal goals

How you structure your portfolio will depend on many variables; your situation, risk tolerance, the levels of the markets, how much risk is in your business, the need for cash, future income, tax bracket and many other factors.

Mark Haas of AEG conducted a CoreValue Assessment of my emerging company, DisposeRx, where we are building a rapidly growing company with a mission to help stop the opioid epidemic with a site-of-use method of drug disposal. It is critical that we redefine our mission and objectives as we take our next steps transitioning from a start up to an operating company with significant revenues. The CoreValue assessment performed by Mark Haas provided us with a candid assessment of where we are and helped us to define our critical next steps to manage our growth and capture our value.
John Holaday, CEO, DisposeRx

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