Founders and Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides vision, integration, and direction for AEG.

Management Consultants

Our Management Consultants have broad experience across sectors and industries growing company value and personal wealth. They start with a comprehensive operational and valuation diagnostic to identify your  value gaps and growth opportunities. Together, we first clarify your operational and market strengths and weaknesses. Then, we define the strategy, capabilities, management systems, business models and performance management systems you need to accelerate toward your goals. Finally, we identify the skills needed to execute with discipline the mutually agreed on growth strategy. We’ll help you build a team from your own staff, current advisors and the specialized expertise of the  AEG Value Platform.

The Value Platform

The Value Platform consists of AEG members whose expertise helps assess company value, identify gaps between what a company is worth and what it could be worth, and advise on which areas will return the highest value. Within this group, you will find experienced advisors to leverage your needs across your business, personal and exit aspects of your value and wealth growth.

Advisory Council

AEG’s Advisory Council consists of senior executives with deep connections into the entrepreneurial and venture capital communities.


AEG Partners are prominent business leaders supporting the AEG mission to strengthen companies and communities by increasing company value.

Mark Haas of AEG conducted a CoreValue Assessment of my emerging company, DisposeRx, where we are building a rapidly growing company with a mission to help stop the opioid epidemic with a site-of-use method of drug disposal. It is critical that we redefine our mission and objectives as we take our next steps transitioning from a start up to an operating company with significant revenues. The CoreValue assessment performed by Mark Haas provided us with a candid assessment of where we are and helped us to define our critical next steps to manage our growth and capture our value.
John Holaday, CEO, DisposeRx

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