Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC)Mark Haas, AEG Chair, has been invited to address the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) at its Midyear Conference in Galveston, TX on June 4. 2015. TEDC is the largest statewide association dedicated to the development of economic and employment opportunities in Texas. Mark will be describing the AEG approach to integrating advisory services to grow enterprise value for individual businesses and whole communities.

He will describe how economic development for cities of all sizes and with any dominant sectors can be accelerated with advanced analytics. Using CoreValue Roundtable, a city can identify its highest-leverage businesses, those whose growth will most stimulate the entire local economy, and target development resources more efficiently. With infrequent success from traditional approaches of enticing businesses to relocate from other communities and stimulating local startups, cities are focusing on strengthening existing businesses for powerful sustained growth.