1. AEG is not your run-of-the-mill association.
    AEG stands for the Association for Enterprise Growth. We were founded by three powerhouses in the DC business community: John Yetman, Tien Wong, and Mark Haas.
  2. AEG helps business owners grow their companies.
    AEG helps the owners of mid-market companies accomplish four things:

    • grow their company
    • make their company more valuable (via 18 proven drivers of value including repeatable, sustainable growth)
    • help them exit from or transfer the company (aka, cash out)
    • align their business and personal goals
  3. We also help business owners find balance.
    Business owners live and breathe their companies. While work is a very fulfilling part of life, a happy, healthy life requires balance. To that end, we help business owners change their lives for the better. By aligning the owner’s business and personal goals through coordinated planning, we help them find balance so they can enjoy their hobbies, spend time with their families and give back to the community.The AEG is also a place for successful Business Owners to connect with each other. We hold social events including quarterly Salon dinners at top DC Metro restaurants, winery tours and other exclusive events.
  4. AEG brings a little Silicon Valley perspective to business owners.
    Co-founder John Yetman has spent a fair amount of time with clients in Silicon Valley. He noticed that successful companies have solid business plans, growth strategies, experienced CFOs and expert advisors. They are built to create value for the owner and other stakeholders.AEG brings a little of that growth-oriented zeitgeist to DC. By working with experts to grow your business intentionally, your company will enjoy improved  growth.  Having access to our vast experience and knowledge takes a lot of the stress out of your day-to-day churn.
  5. AEG is a twist on an association.
    Though we are a nonprofit, we don’t serve members in a single industry. Our members are hand-picked, elite professionals from over 25 professions that an owner will likely need during the life-cycle of a business. When a business owner comes to us with a need, relevant members form a brain trust and work together directly with the business owner.
  6. Business owners turn to us when they can’t sleep at night.
    When you are running a business there are thousands of things to think about; “I’m losing employees because other companies are paying higher salaries and hiring my top people away. I lost a government contract. Our growth is slowing. I want to sell”.The AEG is a convenient first call to answer these and other questions. If one of our members doesn’t know the answer – we will connect you to someone that will within our extended network.
  7. We are flexible.
    Unlike traditional consulting companies, we are not one-size-fits-all. We can fill an immediate need or put together a strategic plan and execute on it using both a company’s internal team and our members.
  8. We serve our members, too.
    Every month, AEG members gather for a meeting, which is a mix of networking and learning. Our members are encouraged to meet every other member one on one and in small groups. The better we know each other, the easier it is to work together.
  9. Our members are well-connected.
    AEG’s founders have large networks. The same is true of our members. Together, we are a very cohesive group.
  10. AEG doesn’t actually perform services.
    You’ll never get a bill from AEG. Services are delivered by our members directly to companies. We simply create the environment to make it happen.