• Benchmark your business value.
  • Identify and execute opportunities for growth.
  • Align business and personal financial goals.
  • Prepare for a strong exit on your terms.

An Experienced Network and a Proven Approach

The Association for Enterprise Growth is an exclusive network of experienced professionals who work together to help business owners grow, build value, and exit on their terms.

Our Approach – The Twin Value Gap System

Your business gap is the difference between what your business is worth and what it could be worth at peak efficiency. Your personal value gap is the difference between what your business is worth and what your personal goals require it to be worth. Our approach closes the twin-value gap. More than 10,000 business owners have used our value diagnostic and those that follow the resulting growth plan grew at an annual average of 22%.

Our two-track approach ensures that your business and personal wealth plans are coordinated. Maximize both by leveraging our network of seasoned professionals and tapping into the collective wisdom of thousands of business owners.

Community of CEOs and Business Owners

AEG cultivates a community of CEOs and owners of DC-region midmarket companies that we regularly convene in business and social settings.

Mark Haas of AEG conducted a CoreValue Assessment of my emerging company, DisposeRx, where we are building a rapidly growing company with a mission to help stop the opioid epidemic with a site-of-use method of drug disposal. It is critical that we redefine our mission and objectives as we take our next steps transitioning from a start up to an operating company with significant revenues. The CoreValue assessment performed by Mark Haas provided us with a candid assessment of where we are and helped us to define our critical next steps to manage our growth and capture our value.
John Holaday, CEO, DisposeRx

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